Event ID - 340

Event Id340
DescriptionBecause the Exchange MTA is disabled, the store driver cannot deliver the message <recipient>:<text> to the recipient <recipient>
Event InformationCAUSE:
This Error event indicates that one or more messages could not be delivered by the information store because the Exchange MTA Stacks service is disabled.

If you have also logged Event 3015 from MSExchangeTransport, you should consider the causes of that event when troubleshooting Event 340. Event 3015 can be logged for the following reasons:

If a message bypasses the Exchange categorizer because custom Transport sinks or applications are installed, the Routing component can incorrectly send a valid SMTP mail for an SMTP recipient to the MTA.

If the Exchange MTA Stacks service has been disabled and stopped for a long time, and then is re-enabled and started, the SMTP Store Driver may determine that the MTA is not started and return a non-delivery report (NDR) for messages bound for valid MTA recipients.

If a message is sent to a user on a foreign system such as UNIX sendmail, or another implementation that responds with a 5.3.0 at the SMTP protocol level, Exchange will log this response and include it in the NDR. This generally has nothing to do with delivering to the MTA, although the event log may indicate that it does.

To resolve this issue, try one of the following:
1. Try to start the Exchange MTA Stacks Service. If the Status of the Exchange MTA Stacks service is Stopped, start it. If the Status of the Exchange MTA Stacks service is Started, restart it.
2. If your Application log also includes Event 3015 from MSExchangeTransport, verify that routing and your topology are correctly configured. You can use the WinRoute tool to make sure that routes are correctly replicated between servers and routing groups.
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: Exchange Version: 6.5.7638.0 Event Source: MSExchangeActiveSyncNotify Event ID: 340

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