Event ID - 3206

Event Id3206
DescriptionIIS Reset encountered an error while stopping services, which was requested by %1. The logged data is the status code. Since the force option is on, IIS Reset will now terminate the services' processes. This may cause SCM to report errors about the services exiting.
Event Information According to Microsoft :

Cause :

This event is logged when IIS Reset encountered an error while stopping services, which was requested.

Resolution :

Check for related events

When IISReset encounters an error stopping services, another event or events are likely to be logged that can provide more information about what occurred.

To check the system event logs for more information:
  1. Click Start , click Control Panel , and then click dministrative Tools .
  2. Right-click Event Viewer and select Run as administrator .
  3. Open the System log.
  4. Look for other IIS events related to the stoppage of services.
Verify :

The use of IISReset is not recommended on IIS 6.0 and is not supported on IIS 7.0.
Reference LinksEvent ID 3206 from Source Microsoft-Windows-IIS-IISReset

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