Event ID - 318

Event Id318
DescriptionUnable to read local eventlog (reason: The data area passed to a system call is too small)
Event InformationWhen you set Dr. Watson as the default debugger, a SQLSERVERAGENT error with Event id: 318 may appear in Event Viewer immediately after an application generates an "unhandled exception" error.
CAUSE: The SQLSERVERAGENT error Event id: 318 is a result of an unhandled exception raised by another application that runs on the same computer as SQL Server. SQL Server Agent reads the application event log to respond to SQL Server events defined in the SQL Server Agent alert. Dr. Watson handles the "unhandled exception" and records the error information raised by the application in the Windows Application log. SQL Server Agent reads the error entry from the Windows application log and generates error Event id: 318.
Reference Links PRB: SQL Server Agent May Report Event ID: 318 Error After an Application Generates an Unhandled Exception Error with Dr. Watson as the Default Debugger

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