Event ID - 3139

Event Id3139
DescriptionAn internal MTA error occurred. An open function mismatch occurred with the directory. Entity name:[XAPI MAIN BASE 1 92] (14)
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This problem is caused because of the change in the way the directory replication communicates with the message transfer agent (MTA) in Exchange Server 4.0 and with the Information Store in Exchange Server 5.0 and Exchange Server 5.5. Directory replication backfill causes the Exchange Server computer to function as an Exchange Server 5.5 server computer, whereas the Exchange Server 4.0 executable files do not support this behavior.
To work around this problem, providing an Exchange Server 5.5 server computer exists in the site, it is possible to have this server participate in directory replication again by using the Authoritative Restore utility (authrest.exe).
This utility should be used on a directory that was backed up prior to the upgrade. It is used after restoring the directory to that server before starting the services. For clarification, see the example scenario in the More Information section below.
If an Exchange Server 5.5 server computer does not exist in the site, replication will work. However, you will not be able to create users as the updated schema will expect Exchange Server 5.5 proxy DLLs, so it will be necessary to either upgrade again immediately after fixing the original problem, or install a new Exchange Server 5.5 server computer into the site. Alternatively, editing the raw-mode values for proxy generators should correct this problem.
Reference LinksXADM: Backout of Upgrade Causes Replication to Fail

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