Event ID - 31000

Event Id31000
DescriptionResource error: File Name [{System failure}]
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This behavior occurs when a header file in the Exchsrvr\connect\gwrouter\gw2mex directory references an attachment within the same directory that you have either deleted or moved.
Here is a sample scenario that could lead to this behavior:
A GroupWise user sends a message to an Exchange user that contains a PowerPoint Presentation.
The Exchange GroupWise connector moves the message and attachment from the GroupWise server to the Exchange server.
A virus scanner that is running on the Exchange server finds a virus in the attachment file in the Exchsrvr\connect\gw2mexa directory, and deletes or renames it.
The Exchange GroupWise connector stops functioning correctly.RESOLUTION:
1. Address the source of the problem: Disable or exclude the Exchsrvr directories from any virus scanning.
2. Delete the problem message (or messages): Open your Connectivity logs from the Exchsrvr\CONNECT\Exchconn\logs directory, and find the entry that is similar to the one in the "Symptoms" section of this article. Make a note of the file name (in this case it would be 3a0911c7.bdy).
3. Search for files in the Exchsrvr\exchconn\gwrouter\ directory that contain the text of the file name that you noted, which is the header file that is referencing the missing attachment file. Move or delete this file.
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