Event ID - 3092

Event Id3092
SourceExchangeIS Public Store
DescriptionError 1129 occurred while processing a replication event. Folder: (d-22ADF) IPM_SUBTREE\Projecten\Elektrotechniek Computer: Mail1
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
Cause :

This event indicates that there was an error processing the replication message. Public Folder replication in Exchange Server occurs through the sending of replication messages between servers. These replication messages are sent as regular e-mail messages.
The error code included in the event message indicates the cause of the event. For example, Error 1129 means "ecNoReplicaAvailable" indicates that there was no replica available for the folder on the local public folder store. A few typically seen error codes are Error 1005, Error 1129, Error 1132, Error 1261, Error 4033, and Error -1069.
Note: This is not an exhaustive list of possible error codes. If you see an error code that is different, you can use the Error Code Lookup Tool (Err.exe) to find what the error means.
This event may also be accompanied by MSExchangeIS Events 3091 and 3093. See User Action if those additional events are logged.
To identify the root cause of this public folder replication error, you must examine the event log for other events that occur immediately before or after this event on the server that logged this event. Additionally, you should review the event logs on the other Exchange Server 2003 computers that are involved in public folder replication, in your organization.
Note: To make sure that all applicable events are logged, ensure that diagnostics logging on the Replication Errors category is set to Minimum or greater on the MSExchangeIS Public Store service
Note: You can ignore this event if it occurs only occasionally and there are no public folder replication problems seen. However, if other events such as MSExhchange IS Public Folder Events 3091 and 3093 are logged, and there are public folder hierarchy and content replication problems also reported, you must investigate further. Do this by examining the corresponding events on Exchange servers that are involved in public folder replication.
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: Exchange Version: 6.5.7638.0 Event Source: MSExchangeIS Public Store Event ID: 3092

Event Id:3092 Source Id:MSExchangeIS Public Store

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