Event ID - 3084

Event Id3084
SourceMSExchangeIS Public
DescriptionError (0x469) has occurred while processing the Owning Folders table. /O=ORGANIZATION/OU=SITE/CN=RECIPIENTS//CN=PUBLICFOLDERNAME.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
When this error is logged, folders that are created with a name that falls alphabetically after PUBLICFOLDERNAME are not rehomed. Folders that are created with a name that falls alphabetically before PUBLICFOLDERNAME are correctly rehomed and users can see them properly.
To resolve this problem, obtain the latest service pack for Exchange Server 5.5.
On the mailbox server, point the private information store to the Site public folder server. You can use the Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Administrator program to do this.
Click the server, and then click the Private Information Store object.
Open the properties on this object, and on the General tab is an option to select the public folder server.
Click the Site public folder server option rather than the mailbox server.
To explain this issue a little better, some configuration information must be provided. The following represents a configuration where this issue can happen:
Site Public Folder = PFSERVER1
Mailbox Server = MBSERVER1
The mailbox server is configured with a public information store.
The mailbox server is configured to route locally for public folders.
All folders are homed on PFSERVER1.
Public Folder Name is PUBLICFOLDERINQUESTION If a user creates a public folder, the folder is actually created on the MBSERVER1s public information store. A background thread finds the folder and rehomes it. The issue is that this thread is using a folder table that is sorted alphabetically. It correctly rehomes folder until it gets an error. If it has an issue with the PUBLICFOLDERINQUESTION folder, the thread errors out and does not process the remaining folders. In this scenario, users on other servers besides MBSERVER1 see the folder on PFSERVER1. They can place data in the folder, and it may appear to work. However, users on the MBSERVER1 server see the local folder, and c
Reference LinksXADM: Store Generates 3079 and 3084 Errors When It Cannot Rehome a Public Folder Correctly

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