Event ID - 3031

Event Id3031
SourceServer ActiveSync
DescriptionThe mailbox server [%1] does not allow "Negotiate" authentication to its [%2] virtual directory. Exchange ActiveSync can only access the server using this authentication scheme
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft
Exchange Server ActiveSync and Exchange Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) use the /Exchange virtual directory to access OWA templates and DAV on Exchange back-end servers on which the user's mailbox is located. Server ActiveSync and OMA cannot access this virtual directory if either of the following conditions is true:
  • The /Exchange virtual directory on an Exchange back-end server is configured to require SSL.
  • Forms-based authentication is enabled.
This issue does not occur when you enable these settings on the /Exchange virtual directory on a front-end server.

Note : You do not have to perform either of the methods that are described in the "Resolution" section to configure a front-end server to require SSL and to enable forms-based authentication on the front-end server.

Note : If you are running Microsoft Small Business Server 2003, the configurations that are described in Method 1 and in Method 2 in the "Resolution" section are automatically configured during Setup. If you are receiving the errors that are described in the "Symptoms" section of Article MS817379 in reference links, run the Configure E-Mail and Internet Connection Wizard. The wizard should help you reconfigure the /Exchange virtual directory and forms-based authentication to work with Outlook Mobile Access and with Exchange ActiveSync.

Resolution :
Method 1 :
Install and configure an Exchange Server 2003 computer as a front-end server.For more information click the article MS818476 in reference link.

Method 2 :
Follow the steps given in Method2 section in article MS817379in reference link
Reference LinksEvent Id 3031 from soure Server ActiveSync

MS818476:You can configure either Exchange Server 2003 Standard Edition or Exchange Server 2003 Enterprise Edition as a front-end server

MS817379:Exchange ActiveSync and Outlook Mobile Access errors occur when SSL or forms-based authentication is required for Exchange Server 2003

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