Event ID - 3027

Event Id3027
Description"An incoming replication message was processed. Type: 0x10 Message ID: 1-24687 Folder(s): (44-64981) IPM_SUBTREE\<PublicFolder>\<Subfolder> Server: /O=<org name>/OU=<site name>/CN=CONFIGURATION /CN=SERVERS/CN=<server name>/CN=MICROSOFT PUBLIC MDB"
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
Each public information store periodically constructs a status message to send to other public information stores with which it is participating in public folder replication. This status message is sent when replica changes are sent by any public folder. If an information store does not send any changes, this process will occur once per day.
The events stem from the source server, not the server receiving the incoming public folder replication message. No action is required because they are harmless.
Reference LinksXADM: Incoming PF Replication Message Causes Events in Application Event Log

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