Event ID - 3019

Event Id3019
SourceMSExchangeIS Public
Description"An outgoing replication message was issued. Type: <Description> Message ID: <Number> CNSET: <Number> RFIs: <Number> IDCN Deleted: (0)"
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
It is strongly recommended that this registry entry only be used in the in cases described in the Symptoms section. Setting this registry entry and preventing the status messages from going out on startup has the following caveats:
1. If a replication connector between 2 Exchange Sites is torn down, the system folders from the foreign Site are marked as removed and they will not show up in the Systems Folder hierarchy. If these Sites are reconnected, the System folders from the foreign Site will still not show up since we are preventing the status message, which is the message that causes the marked as removed flag to be reset, from reaching the other Site. This registry entry must be set to 0, and then the IS re-started to get the System Folders to synch up again.
2. Public Folder hierarchies may temporarily become out of synch because changes are only known to other Sites when an actual hierarchy change message is received.
You can do the following to try to work around this problem:
1. Remove the public information store from any Exchange Server computer possible. This will only be valid in multi-server sites with a dedicated public folder server.
2. Increase the speed of the WAN links where/when possible.
3. Perform ONLINE backups of the information store.
Reference LinksXADM: Disabling Public Folder Replication Status Messages on Information Store Startup

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