Event ID - 3018

Event Id3018
DescriptionA non-delivery report with a status code of 5.4.0 was generated for recipient (Message-ID ).
Causes: This message indicates a DNS problem or an IP address configuration problem.
Solution: Check the DNS using nslookup or dnsq. Verify the IP address is in IPv4 literal format.
Event InformationFollowing events from MSExchangeTransport will be logged in tour Event Viewer every 15 minuts.3030, 3018, 3015, and 3008.

This indicates a problem with mail header, may be corrupted or false header information. The actual problem may look as follows. An email represents an invalid user may delivered to the server and it cannot bounce back because it from adders is also corrupted or invalid one. This will cause that exchange server unable bounce that mail back and it will be dead  mail. At this situation Exchange will generates this event. By configuring a filter you can resolve this problem.
To filter Invalid directory users:
1. Open ESM go to MessageDeliver option.
2. In Message Delivery properties Choose Recipient Filtering tab.
3.  Enable Filter Recipients who are not in the directory.

To enable Recipient Filter on SMTP server:
1. In ESE expand Admin Groups-> Server->Protocol select SMTP.
2. Go to SMTP properties-Advanced, with the IP address selected, choose Edit.
3.  Choose Apply Recipient Filter, click apply until clear.
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