Event ID - 3017

Event Id3017
DescriptionThe file FW7C396C from (Subject test) was listed in a delivery queue, but could not be found in the D:\EXCHSRVR\imcdata\out directory, possibly because the file may have been deleted from the directory. This message is no longer deliverable and has been removed from the delivery queue.
Event InformationThis information from some newsgroups may help:
One of the common causes of these errors is file-level antivirus or back-up software running on the Exchange server (or which run remotely against the Exchange server) without exclusions specified for the “\IMCData” directory. These types of applications can lock files, which cause processing errors and warnings and have the potential to cause duplicate messages to be delivered. Another more serious possibility is IMC mailbox corruption.
for more information IMC corruption. click the article Q296879.
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