Event ID - 3011

Event Id3011
DescriptionAn attempt to connect to host X.X.X.X for domain.com was refused.
Event InformationIn Microsoft Exchange Server Internet Mail Service, if you click the Connections tab, and set the Message Delivery option to Forward all messages to host, if the Diagnostics Logging level is set to any level other than None for the SMTP interface events, the following events(3010, 3011) may be reported in the Event Viewer application log.
CAUSE: When the Internet Mail Service is started, it uses the first outbound mail message to populate these events. The service then uses that domain as the default for all mail that is delivered during the session with the relay host. This procedure decreases the workload of Exchange Server because Exchange Server does not look at the other outbound mail domains of any subsequent outbound mail.
WORKAROUND: To work around this issue, change the Diagnostics Logging level for SMTP interface events to None.
STATUS: Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5.
Reference Links Event ID 3010 and 3011 Report the Wrong Destination Domain

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