Event ID - 296

Event Id296
DescriptionThe message C=au;A=otc;P=;L=97082616584041+20201E53 (object ID: 06000058) has been successfully converted from content type 56010A00 to content type 2A864886F7140501. [MTA DISP:FANOUT 11 112] (10)
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
These messages are rejected by the Exchange Server because the transmitting system is including a null PRMD entry in the MTSID field of the message. If a PRMD field is present, this field should between 1 and 16 characters, not null. Since the PRMD specified by Telstra does not confirm to this, the message results in an NDR.
The X.400 ADMD in this case is TELEMEMO (or OTC) in Australia. Messages sent to:
C=AU;A=OTC;P=ENHANCED;O=Operations;S=AutoReply should result in a message being returned to the original sender from the Auto Reply account. Similar automatically generated messages should result when sending a Telex message through this ADMDs system. Neither of these messages are delivered to an Exchange user. While Microsoft believes this to be a conformance issue with the X.400 Service provider, a workaround has been made available for Exchange Server versions 5.0 and 5.5. This problem has been corrected in the latest U.S. Service Pack for Microsoft Exchange Server version 5.5.
Reference LinksXFOR: Store Fails to Deliver Auto-Generated Messages from X.400 Service Provider

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