Event ID - 295

Event Id295
DescriptionUnable to open or read the attribute value include file filename.blt OR filename.scr
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This problem occurs when you import the foreign language template file (the Template.csv file) from a directory or file location that does not contain the other files (the .blt and .scr files) that the Template.csv file references.
To resolve this problem, perform a directory import from the Server\Setup\platform\Tpl\language directory on the Exchange Server CD for that language. In addition to the Template.csv file, this directory contains all the .blt and .scr files that the foreign language templates need to create localized addressing, details templates and addressing, and one-off address templates for that language.
You can also copy the Template.csv file and all of the .blt and .scr files from the Exchange Server CD to a directory that you can perform the import to the Exchange Server computer from.
This issue can occur if the .blt files were not installed properly.
To resolve this issue, run the directory import command from the foreign-language client CD-ROM where Template.csv is located. The Template.csv file on the foreign-language client CD-ROM contains all .blt files that are referenced inside the corresponding template .csv file. When you run this command, all the required templates are imported. After the import procedure has completed from the Administrator program, the localized templates are displayed in the following location:
Addressing/Details Templates/Addressing/One-Off Address Templates
The localized clients are now able to display details about mailboxes, custom recipients, or distribution lists.
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