Event ID - 283

Event Id283
DescriptionCould not remove object <UserID> because the directory service reported the following error: Changes cannot be written to this directory object. Try connecting to a Microsoft Exchange Server computer in the same site as this object.
Event InformationWhen you use the Microsoft Exchange Migration Wizard to migrate accounts to a Microsoft Exchange Server computer, the above error may be generated in the Application event log.
This error may occur if you have insufficient rights or permissions to the Microsoft Exchange Directory. In this case, make sure that you are logged into the Windows NT domain as a user with sufficient access to the Microsoft Exchange Directory. 

This error may also occur if an existing mailbox or custom recipient is homed on one server in a site and an attempt is made to migrate an account to a server in a different site. Microsoft Exchange will attempt to remove the existing recipient from the target server and replace it with a new mailbox for the migrated account. Since the recipient does not actually exist on the target server (it is homed on another server in another site), it cannot be removed. To migrate these users, it will be necessary to remove the existing recipients from their home server.
Reference Links Event 283 May Occur When Running the Migration Wizard

Err Msg: Event Id 283, Changes Could not be Written

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