Event ID - 2560

Event Id2560
DescriptionThe thread in the MS Mail Connector that delivers to MS Mail has failed reading the Microsoft Exchange Server MTA object.
Event InformationThe MS Mail Connector Interchange (MSMI) service terminates unexpectedly with an event 2335, 2560 from the source MSExchangeMSMI.


The MS Mail Connector Interchange encountered a corrupt message, causing it to terminate.
While the MS Mail Connector Interchange service is stopped, delete the first message in the MS Mail Connector queue. Doing this allows the MS Mail Connector Interchange service to start, and process the mail backed up in the queue.

In addition, the MS Mail Connector Interchange was fixed to properly handle a corrupt message in the queue without terminating. The fix logs an event (ID 2450) in the application log that describes the corrupt message and how to remove it from the queue. The fix also allows all other mail to be processed around this corrupt message until the MSMI can be shut down for the offending message to be removed.
Reference LinksMSMI Terminates Unexpectedly with Event ID 2335 and 2560

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