Event ID - 247

Event Id247
DescriptionThe e-mail address of the following transaction is not a valid format. See previous events logged by the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant component for details. The transaction is A MUELLER URS / F (CHNET) X400:/C=CH/A=400NET/P=ABB/O=ABB/OU=CHNET/G=URS / F/S=MUELLER. (Thread 0) The custom recipient (CR) has not been created on the Exchange Server.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
The Microsoft Exchange Directory Synchronization Agent (DXA) does not properly handle incoming X.400 addresses that contained a forward slash (or solidus) as part of a DDA Value. When the DXA encounters a forward slash as part of a DDA value it reports an error and aborts the transaction. The X.400 custom recipient is not created in Microsoft Exchange Server.
Apply the fix referenced below. The updated Microsoft Exchange DXA will now allow the forward slash as part of an X.400 DDA value and create the custom recipient in the Microsoft Exchange Directory. A forward slash (or solidus) is a valid character in a DDA value as defined by the CCITT (see the More Information section below).
Reference LinksXFOR: DXA Drops Transaction if X400 DDA Value Contains a Slash

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