Event ID - 2447

Event Id2447
DescriptionMSMI has failed processing $System message is left in the delivery queue.
Event InformationMicrosoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Exchange Server version 4.0. This problem has been corrected in the latest U.S. service pack for Exchange Server version 4.0.
If compression is turned on, then the attachments in the dirsync messages generated by the directory exchange agent (DXA) are in a compressed format and unreadable when viewed with an editor.
A possible workaround is to turn DXA compression off:
1. Start the Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator program in raw mode by typing the following at a command prompt: c:\exchsrvr\bin\admin /r
2. Select each Dirsync Requestor object individually.
3. On the File menu, click Raw Properties to view the raw properties of the Requestor object.
4. Look for the DXA-FLAG object, view the number, and subtract 32 from it. For example. You might see a value of 39604. Change it to 39572 to turn compression off the $system messages.
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