Event ID - 23

Event Id23
Description Description1: Logging information failed. The log object was never created possibly due to wrong configuration.

For compatibility with previous versions of IIS, the filter <drive>\winroot\System32\Inetsrv\Sspifilt.dll was loaded as a global filter from the registry. To control the filter with the Internet Service Manager, remove the filter from the registry and add it as a global filter with Internet Service Manager. Filters in the registry are stored at "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\W3Svc\Parameters\Filter DLLs".
Event InformationExplanation for description1:
If you are using a database to log errors, you might receive this message because of improperly configured data fields.
User Action:
Check the configuration of your log file. For more information on configuring and setting up log files, see Internet Information Services Help.

Explanation for description2:
When you try to open a Web site that has Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) enabled in Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0 or Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0 with https, the browser stops responding (hangs) after the SSL handshake. The system log shows the above event.
 To enable SSL for Web sites in IIS 4.0 and IIS 5.0, the Web sites must have the Sspifilt.dll global filter loaded from the Internet Service Manager instead of from the registry.
For more information about resolution click on the link given below.
Reference LinksDetails from Microsoft about event description 1

Cannot Open SSL-Enabled Web Site

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