Event ID - 235

Event Id235
DescriptionX400 address failure. An illegal type name was specified at character position 87 of X400:/C[ASCII 202]/A=TEL.CAN/G=Lyne/S=Arcand/O=BLUEMOON/OU1=CISTI.NRC.OTT/ DDA:ID=ILL.CISTI.
Event InformationWhen you import a .csv file, the import command may fail and the event viewer application log may report event id 13 from the source X400Proxy and 235 from the source MSExchangeDSImp.
The .csv file may contain Domain Defined Attributes (DDA) values. DDA is the format used for custom recipients such as Microsoft Mail users or SMTP users. The Exchange Server import function does not properly handle incoming X.400 addresses that contain a forward slash (or solidus) as part of a DDA Value. When Exchange Server encounters a forward slash as part of a DDA value, it reports an error. The X.400 custom recipient is not created in Exchange Server.
To resolve this problem:

1. Edit the .csv file and globally replace /DDA with ;DDA.
2. Save and close the .csv file and re-import it into Exchange Server by clicking Import on the Tools menu.
Reference LinksImport Fails with Event ID 13 and ID 235 using D

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