Event ID - 2173

Event Id2173
DescriptionAn MTA database server error was encountered while deleting an attribute. Called from <directory name>. Procedure: <name>. Database error code: <error code>. Object at fault: <object name>. Attribute identifier: <id>. Value number: <value>. [<value> <value>]
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:

When you analyze the application log and look at the details of all these Event IDs, it becomes obvious that "object at fault" in each Event ID is pointing to the same message object, a corrupted message. In the Event IDs above, this is the Db000034.dat file, which is located in the MTA database folder.
Even though the above Event IDs state the "Object does not exist," it may exist in the Mtadata folder. If the corrupted file (Db000034.dat in this example) still exists in the Mtadata folder:
1. Stop the MTA service.
2. Rename or remove this file from the Mtadata folder.
3. Run the Mtacheck utility twice.
4. Restart the MTA.
If the message file does not exist in the Mtadata folder:
1. Stop the MTA.
2. Run Mtacheck twice.
3. If Mtacheck registers that the MTA is clean, restart the MTA.
Reference LinksCorrupted Message in MTA Database Logs Database Server Errors in App. Log

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