Event ID - 2169

Event Id2169
DescriptionIS: Cluster Service failed the rpc call to stop the resource.
Event InformationFollowing information form newsgroup post may help:

"Cluster server is now working. I rebooted the server and everything is working with all Exchange instances online. So far as I can tell, the below items DID proved to be the solution.
-We modified rights according to Q269229(Link given below) and modified to other rights: Debug Programs, Replace a process level token. The modification was made in the GPO in the OU containing the server. What ever GPO affects the server, that is where it must be made. Whether it is a container (OU), site, or domain GPO.
-We modified the virus scanning program to not do real time scanning of exchange folders containing the program files and the exchange data."
Reference LinksHow to manually re-create the Cluster service account(Q269229)

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