Event ID - 212

Event Id212
DescriptionTask <task no>, <task name> has caused an exception violation in the CmdExec subsystem, and has been terminated.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This behavior is a result of a problem with the CmdExec utility. While running, Cmdexec.dll creates a temporary file that holds the redirected stdio and stderr output for the task. If the number of bytes within this file happens to be within certain ranges, an exception violation is generated.
To work around this problem, adjust the size of the output written to stdio and stderr by the CmdExec task being scheduled. If you are unsure about what output is being generated, try running the task at a command prompt and observing the results written to the screen. Increase or reduce the number of bytes written by at least two bytes to avoid exposure to this problem.
Reference LinksFIX: CmdExec May Cause Exception Violation on Scheduled Tasks

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