Event ID - 2129

Event Id2129
DescriptionExchange Information Store Instance - (NTMAIL): Cluster Service failed the rpc call to stop the resource
Event InformationCAUSE:

This issue may occur if one or both of the following conditions are true:
The IP address of the cluster nodes was physically changed.
The IP address of the Exchange Virtual Server is physically changed.
After you change the IP address of the cluster nodes, the network adapter and IP resources in the cluster and resource groups must be re-establishedAfter you change the IP address of the Exchange Virtual Server, Internet Information Services (IIS) resources must be updated to set the new IP address in the metabase. In this scenario, the cluster service still tries to monitor the IIS resources by using the original IP address that was assigned to the cluster node.


After you change the IP address, the original Exchange Virtual Server IP address may remain in several places. In this scenario, the original values are read by the server cluster. Therefore, the cluster resources fail the IsAlive check and cannot remain online.To resolve this issue, make sure that the protocol resources are updated correctly:
1. In the Cluster Administrator program, make sure that the settings for Network and the new IP addresses on the Parameters tab of all the IP address resources are correct.
2. In Exchange System Manager:
a. Locate the Protocols area under the Exchange Virtual Server that you want to modify.
b. Expand the HTTP, IMAP4, SMTP, and POP3 virtual servers.
c. Open the properties of these virtual servers, and then verify the IP address in the advanced properties.After you make these changes, wait at least 15 minutes for these changes to replicate from Active Directory to the metabase. After that time, the Cluster service IsAlive checks should be successful.
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