Event ID - 211

Event Id211
DescriptionAn error has occurred during a Transfer-In procedure. Private Extensions are not allowed to or from the Administrative Management Domain (ADMD). The Message Identifier (MTS-ID) is C=US;A= ;Organization;L=SERVERNAME-990430211926Z-125. X.400 reason code unable-to-transfer, X.400 diagnostic code invalid-arguments. [MTA XFER-IN 12 97] (14)
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
On the commercial version of Exchange Server, modify the Advanced tab of the X.400 Connector to the DMS version of Exchange Server as follows:
1. Select the Use the GDI specified below radio button.
2. The PRMD (p) option should be configured to correctly reflect the remote systems GDI settings.
3. In the ADMD (a) section, select Specific.
4. In the ADMD text box, type DMS.
5. In the Country/Region (c) section, select US (United States).
Reference LinksXCON: Configuring an X.400 Connector Between a Commercial and a DMS Exchange Server Computer

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