Event ID - 21199

Event Id21199
SourcePOP Intrusion Detection Filter
DescriptionThe Remote Access Service configuration for VPN could not be completed. As a result, the Remote Access Service may be stopped.
Event InformationAccording To MIcrosoft:
This is a generic event for anything that may have failed during the Routing and Remote Access service configuration for VPN. If this event appears, at least one of the VPN settings was not configured in the Routing and Remote Access service. Previous events from the Firewall service should give more indication to the specific failure that occurred.

Check if the Routing and Remote Access service is stopped. Look for additional events from the ISA Server services (Firewall, ISACTRL) and the RemoteAccess Service. If you can't detect the source of the problem, restart the Firewall service.
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: Internet Security and Acceleration Server Version: 4.0.3443.594 Event Source: POP Intrusion Detection Filter Event ID: 21199

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