Event ID - 21189

Event Id21189
DescriptionThe queue for this subscription with queue_id = %s is not empty. Run the Queue Reader Agent to make sure the queue is empty before setting mode from [queued] to [immediate].
Event InformationCAUSE:
For subscriptions enabled for Immediate updating with queued updating as failover, you cannot issue sp_setreplfailovermode to change the failover operation mode from queued updating to immediate updating if there are unreplicated transactions in the queue.

If users are active on the Subscriber, you will need to prevent them from making further updates that will add transactions to the queue. Execute the Queue Reader Agent to move all unreplicated transactions to the Publisher, and then reissue sp_setreplfailovermode.
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: SQL Server Version: 2000.80.760.0 Event Source: MSSQLServer Event ID: 21189

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