Event ID - 2113

Event Id2113
Descriptioninvalid recipients found in Exchange PO. No mailbag found on MS Mail connector PO was found." Delivery to SMTP:rlaporte@sierrahitek.com) failed.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
After translating a recipient address, MS Mail Connector Interchange was unable to route the message to a Microsoft Mail post office. A non delivery report is generated for this message. This may be caused by the existence of an SMTP address space in the MSMail Connector. If it exists, then messages intended for the IMS will randomly be sent to the MSMail connector. This is caused by the steps taken by the MTA to determine routing. If outbound SMTP messages are delivered to the MSMail connector, an NDR is generated because there is no MSMail postoffice that matches the address.
To resolve this problem:
1. Do not enter the SMTP address type in the address space property page of the MS Mail Connector, unless SMTP mail is being sent via the MS Mail Connector to an SMTP gateway or "Gateway to AT&T" on the Microsoft Mail side.
2. Ensure the proper MS Mail Gateway Access components are set up at the MS Mail Connector post office.
3. In the Exchange Server Administrator program, double-click the MS Mail connector and select the Address Space tab. If there is an address of SMTP type, select it and click Remove.
Reference LinksMS Mail Users Sending SMTP, NDR, 2375, 2113 Inconsistently

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