Event ID - 2110

Event Id2110
DescriptionA fatal MTA database server error was encountered. A bad list member length is on object 06000044. File offset: 0. Attribute ID: 4096. Referenced object 00000000 (0=>N/A). Referenced object error: 0. (DB Server XFER-IN 15 42](16).
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft :When this error occurs, the MTA stops responding because a bad message is being processed on the affected server. If you run MTACHECK, it reports no errors. Each time the MTA is restarted, the same error occurs with a different object (06######) referenced each time.
To troubleshoot this error, attempt to isolate the problem to a bad local DAT file in the Mtadata directory:
2. If MTACHECK does not correct the problem, try finding the referenced DAT file (06######.DAT) in Mtadata. If it is there, move it to another directory or rename it. Restart the MTA to confirm whether the event ID 2110 recurs.
3. If this error still occurs after you try to troubleshoot the local MTA, find out more information about the topology of the Microsoft Exchange environment. Find out whether there is any mail entering the Microsoft Exchange environment through the Internet Mail Connector (IMC), a foreign X.400 system, or a Microsoft Mail Connector. These servers will most likely be the source of the bad message. Troubleshoot those servers that have these connectors installed, and see whether there are actually problems originating on those servers:
a. Check the Event Viewer Application Logs, and verify that the MTA is running fine on those servers.
b. Look in the MTA queue (on other adjacent servers) for mail destined for the affected server (that is, the server that is not responding and is experiencing Event ID 2110) with an old time/date stamp. If there is anything suspicious there, try to delete the messages that appear to be old or corrupt.
c. If the MTA appears to be running with no problems on those servers, consider shutting down the MTAs (one at a time) and running MTACHECK on each of the computers.
Reference LinksMTA Stops Responding; Event ID 2110

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