Event ID - 2108

Event Id2108
SourceNTDS Replication
DescriptionThis event contains REPAIR PROCEDURES for the 1084 event which has previously been logged. This message indicates a specific issue with the consistency of the Active Directory database on this replication destination. A database error occurred while applying replicated changes to the following object. The database had unexpected contents, preventing the change from being made. Object:
Object GUID:
Source domain controller:
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
These events occur when the domain controller cannot write a transactional change to the local copy of the Active Directory database.
To resolve this problem, follow these steps. Retry the replication operation after each step that makes a change.
1. Make sure that sufficient free disk space is available on the volumes that host the Active Directory database, and then retry the operation. Follow these steps to free additional disk space:
a. Move unrelated files to another volume.
b. Perform a system state backup. This process reduces the size of the transaction log files.
c. Perform an offline defragmentation of Active Directory.
2. Make sure that the physical drives that host the Ntds.dit file and the transaction log files do not have NTFS file system compression turned on. To confirm this, right-click the drive letter in My Computer, and then make sure that the Compress drive to save disk space check box is not selected.
3. Make sure that the physical drives that host the Ntds.dit file and the transaction log files are specifically excluded from remote and local antivirus programs. See your antivirus software documentation for more information.
4. If the destination domain controller contains the global catalog, and the error occurs in one of the read-only partitions.
Reference LinksEvent ID 2108 and Event ID 1084 occur during inbound replication of Active Directory in Windows 2000 Server and in Windows Server 2003

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