Event ID - 209

Event Id209
DescriptionUnable to transfer in message C=xx;A=attmail; P=prmd;L=<m0vBOkQ-0000xxxxxxxxxxx> because the submitting domain identifier was inconsistent. A non-delivery report was generated with reason code unable-to-transfer and diagnostic code invalid-arguments. Contact Microsoft Product Support Services. [MTA XFER-IN 22 101] [14]
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft :
CAUSEThe Microsoft Exchange Server MTA rejects the message whenever the global domain identifier on the first element of the trace information is different from the one specified in the MTSID. The global domain identifier information in the MTSID must be the same as the first element on the trace information. These values are generated by the submitting MTA.
Note In Exchange Server 2003, this event ID may be logged when an e-mail message has been redirected to an originator requested alternate recipient (ORAR). The event is logged on each Exchange Server 2003 computer where the message passes through the MTA. In Exchange Server 2003, you can ignore this event under these circumstances. Message originator may receive an NDR when a message is forwarded to a valid alternate recipient in Exchange Server 2003.
To resolve this problem in Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0, you must install Exchange Server 4.0 Service Pack 4 on all Exchange Server 4.0 computers in the site that may handle the message.
Note This is not considered a problem in Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 and in later versions of Exchange. Although the event is logged in these versions of Exchange Server, the message is successfully delivered.
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