Event ID - 2081

Event Id2081
Description"Process MAD.EXE (PID=1632). DSAccess will use the servers from the following list:
Domain Controllers:
Global Catalogs:
The Configuration Domain Controller is set to mcp-dc-01.mcp.mcsenetworks.net. "
Event InformationThis information from some newsgroup post may help:
""I had just completed a hardware upgrade of Exchange 2000 server using the upgrade path described in the Q297289 article. The ""new"" installation was successful. However I had to manually mount the information stores after I restart the server. This happened every time I restarted the server. Once Iíve mounted the stores everything worked like a champ. I was receiving this event along with event 8260 from: MSExchangeAL. After a few days trying to fix this problem I finally called Tech Support only to find that there is a check box EX Sys Manager->storage group->database tab->""do not mount this store at start up"" that is checked by default"".
This message shows which domain controllers will be used by Exchange for Directory Access lookups.
Reference Links Q297289:How to move Exchange 2000 to new hardware and keep the same server name

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