Event ID - 2066

Event Id2066
DescriptionProcess name (PID=process id). An LDAP Notify call failed - Server=error code Error code=distinguished name. Base DN=name, Filter=value, Scope=%7.
Event InformationExplanation :
This event indicates that a change notification request to the domain controller has failed. The exact explanation depends on the error code included in the message. The error code should be of the format 0x800409ZZ. ZZ is the hexadecimal value of a standard LDAP error. For details on LDAP Errors, search the Microsoft Knowledge Base for "Microsoft LDAP Error Codes". This should return a reference to an article that details LDAP Error codes. 
The actual cause for the failure of the notify call will be indicated by the error code in the Description section of the Event. Examine that error code and proceed accordingly. 

User Action :
The user action depends on the error code logged. For example, if it is 0x8004090A, this is an LDAP REFERRAL error and indicates the Configuration domain controller has most likely been configured to be a domain controller outside the domain of the Exchange Server.
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