Event ID - 2065

Event Id2065
Description %1: Failed to bring the resource online
Event InformationCAUSE :
This issue can occur because the following setting in the metabase indicates to the Internet Information Service (IIS) that the corresponding service is cluster enabled: 
Id: ClusterEnabled 

If this setting is set to 0 (data==0) and the service is on a cluster, the error messages in the "Symptoms" section of this article are logged. 
To resolve this issue, use MetaEdit to change the "Id: ClusterEnabled" setting on the cluster nodes that this issue occurs on.
Changing the "Id: ClusterEnabled" Setting
NOTE: The following procedure describes what to do if the SMTP virtual server does not start. If this issue occurs with another virtual server service, substitute the that service for SMTP in the following steps.

To change the "Id: ClusterEnabled" setting: 
Start MetaEdit on the first node.
Click to expand LM.
Click to expand SmtpSvc.
Under SmtpSvc, numbers are displayed (1,2,3, and so on). These numbers correspond to the SMTP virtual servers that are present on the server. By default there is only one.

If you are unsure which number represents the virtual server that this issue occurred on, click a number (for example, 1, 2, or 3). In the right pane, a ServerComment box is displayed that contains the name of that SMTP server in Exchange System Manager.
Click the virtual server that this issue occurred on, and then click ClusteredEnabled.
Right-click ClusteredEnabled, and then click Modify.
If this virtual server is in a cluster, the data value should be 1. If this virtual server is not in a cluster, the data value should be 0.
Perform the preceding steps on the other nodes in the cluster.
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