Event ID - 2060

Event Id2060
Description"Process %1 (PID=%2). No Global Catalog server was found in the local site %3. DSAccess will try to find Global Catalog servers in other sites."
Event Information"According to Microsoft:
This event indicates that during DSAccess startup (typically after an Exchange install or after a server reboot), contact could not be established with any global catalogs in the local site.
This can occur if the GC in the local site is down or not reachable from the Exchange Server. This could be due to network issues, misconfigured DNS Servers, and so on.
User Action :
* Make sure at least one domain controller in the local site has been promoted to become a global catalog.
* If a global catalog is expected to be present, confirm it is running and reachable over the network from the Exchange server.
* Exchange will use extra-site global catalogs, but they may respond much more slowly, which can result in message queuing and network saturation. Make sure the local site has enough global catalogs for Exchange."
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