Event ID - 2043

Event Id2043
DescriptionStarting the Bulk e-mail address process.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
To change the cc:Mail proxy generator, complete the following steps:
1. Open the Microsoft Exchange Administrator program. Click Configuration, click Site Addressing, and click the Site Addressing tab.
2. Select the cc:Mail proxy and click Edit.
3. To change the Syntax to First, Last @ Site, type %g, %s in front of at Site, as shown below:
%g, %s at Site
Parameters that can be used are:
%i for the Initial
%g for the First name
%s for the Last name
%d for the Display name
%m for the Alias
4. Click OK twice. The following message appears:
The Site Addressing of type(s) [CCMAIL] have been modified. Do you want to update all Recipient E-mail addresses to match the new site address(es)?
5. Click Yes to update all Exchange mailboxes in the site, or click No to have the new settings affect only new mailboxes.
Reference LinksXADM: How to Change cc:Mail Proxy Address for New Mailboxes

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