Event ID - 2037

Event Id2037
SourceSystem Attendant
DescriptionThe file version \\Add-ins\Dsavuad\I386\Dsavuadm.dll installed by the local server is not current. Unable to locate the current version on any server in the site.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This behavior may be caused by the installation and removal of GroupShield Exchange on Exchange Server computers. When you open a mailbox object and all of its associated properties, including the Anti-virus tab that GroupShield creates, the Exchange Server Administrator program looks for the Dsavuadm.dll file to display the properties of the Anti-virus tab.
When you install GroupShield, it creates a public folder called Quarantine to place infected messages in.
Dsavuadm.dll is a Network Associates GroupShield extension.
Please contact the software vendor Network Associates (formally McAfee) about completely removing GroupShield Exchange from your Exchange Server computer, so that it does not affect other servers in the organization.
Reference LinksXADM: Extension DSAVUADM Could Not Be Loaded Accessing a Mailbox

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