Event ID - 2036

Event Id2036
DescriptionThe file version of "C:\exchsrvr\address\SMTP\i386\<file name>.dll" installed on the local server is not current. Looking at servers in the site for a current version.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:

These error messages are displayed when the directory version of the proxy generators does not match the actual dynamic link library (DLL) file version.
To verify that the appropriate proxy DLL is used:
1. Verify the build version that you use. To do this, look at the properties on:organization\site\Configuration\Server \server name
2. Verify the file version for the proxy DLL. To do this, look at the properties on: organization\site\Configuration\Addressing\"E- mail address generators"\proxy address generator object
The information there must match the information in the table at the end of this article. If this information does not match, either obtain the correct file from the source compact disc, or modify the directory version to match the file versions.
To change the current version, you must run the Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator program in raw mode as follows:
If you use the raw mode of the Exchange Server Administrator program (admin /r) incorrectly, serious problems may occur that may require you to reinstall Microsoft Windows NT Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, or both. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems that result from using raw mode incorrectly can be solved. Use raw mode at your own risk.
1. Start the Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator program in raw mode by typing the following at an MS-DOS command prompt:c:\exchsrvr\bin\admin /r
2. Go to the following location: Organization\Site\Configuration\Addressing\"E-mail address generators" .Look for the existing address generator objects in the right pane of the window.
3. Select Internet E-mail Address Generator for i386.
4. On the File menu, click Raw Properties. (Repeat this step for all proxy generators.)
5. In the left pane of the window a list of existing object attributes is displayed. Find File-Version,
.6. Change the current File-Version value if th
Reference LinksModifying Version Values for Proxy Address Generator

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