Event ID - 2018

Event Id2018
SourceMSExchangeIS Private
DescriptionThe generation of a delivery report or a non - delivery report for a gateway /o=MyOrg/ou=MySite/cn=configuration/cn=connections/cn=internet mail connector has failed due to error 0x4dd.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
The Delivery Report cannot be created because the mailbox of the Internet Mail Service has reached a quota. This quota is the one being defined in the Exchange Server Administration program. This quota is defined when you click the server in the left pane, click Private Information Store in the right pane, and then click Properties on the File menu. On the General tab, there is an area called Storage limits that has three check boxes: Issue warning (K), Prohibit send (K), and Prohibit send and receive (K). Next to each check box, theres a box where you can specify the actual value.
To resolve this problem, obtain and install the latest service pack for Exchange Server version 5.5.
Reference LinksNo Delivery Receipts When the IMS Is in "Mailbox Disabled" State

How to Obtain the Latest Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack

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