Event ID - 2010

Event Id2010
DescriptionDisk error encountered while inserting data into 00000004.MBG from 00004950.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:

This condition usually means that the .mbg (mailbag) file on the Exchange Connector postoffice is over the 4096 record limit. There is a 4096 record limit built into the .mbg file in Microsoft Mail and also on the Exchange Connector postoffice. The Microsoft Exchange PC-MTA service may stop and the Microsoft Mail Connector Interchange service (MSMI) continues to move mail to the .mbg file for the downstream Microsoft Mail postoffice. Once this reaches 4096 messages, the MSMI returns an NDR for all new messages.
To resolve this problem: Check to make sure the PC-MTA service is running on the Exchange Server computer.
Reference LinksXFOR: MSMail Connector NDR Message with Event ID 2117

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