Event ID - 2001

Event Id2001
SourceMicrosoft-Windows-Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
DescriptionThe following per profile settings were applied by Windows Firewall %tProfile:%t%1
%tOperational Mode:%t%2
%tStealth Mode:%t%3
%tBlock all Incoming Connections:%t%4
%tUnicast response to multicast broadcast:%t%5
%tLog dropped packets:%t%6
%tLog successful connections:%t%7
%tLog ignored rules:%t%8
%tInbound Notifications:%t%9
%tAllow Local Policy Merge:%t%12
%tAllow Local IPsec Policy Merge:%t%13
%tDefault Outbound Action:%t%14
%tDefault Inbound Action:%t%15
%tRemote Administration:%t%16
%tMaximum Log file size:%t%17
%tLog File path:%t%18
%tAllow User preferred merge of Authorized Applications:%t%10
%tAllow User preferred merge of Globally open ports:%t%11
Event Information According to Microsoft :

Cause :

This event is logged when profile settings were applied by Windows Firewall.

Resolution :

This is a normal condition. No further action is required.
Reference LinksEvent ID 2001 from Microsoft-Windows-Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

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