Event ID - 1926

Event Id1926
DescriptionThe attempt to establish a replication link to a read-only directory partition with the following parameters failed.

Directory partition:
Source domain controller:
Source domain controller address:
Intersite transport (if any):

Additional Data
Error value:
%6 %3
Event InformationExplanation:
The Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) created a connection object between two global catalogs or between a global catalog and a domain controller, but the KCC could not turn the connection object into a replica link because the remote server is not responding.

Possible causes include:
1. The computer is disconnected from the network.
2. DNS could not resolve the server name.
3. The target account could not be found.
4. Access was denied.
5. A database error exists.

User Action:
Verify that there is connectivity between the two global catalogs or the global catalog and the domain controller. The KCC will try to create a link automatically the next time it runs.
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: Windows Operating System Version: 5.2 Event Source: NTDS KCC Event ID: 1926

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