Event ID - 18757

Event Id18757
DescriptionThe database is not published.
Event InformationCAUSE:
You have specified a replication operation on a database that is not configured to allow publishing of the type of replication specified (transactional or merge). The two ways the configuration check can fail are:
1. The "Publisher and Distributor properties" for the specified database do not indicate that the specified database is configured to allow publication of the requested type of publication (transactional or merge). A database can be enabled for transactional and/or merge publication in the Publisher and Distributor properties. The information on the database properties is stored in the category column of the sysdatabases table. More information on how to view the Publisher and Distributor properties can be found in the Books Online topic, "Replication Properties."
2. In the case of a merge article, an additional check is made to ensure that the sysmergepublications table exists in the publishing database. If this table is missing, you will see the above error even if the database is enabled for merge replication.

Some scenarios where this error can occur are:
1. You have never enabled the referenced database for the specified type of publication.
2. You did not use the KEEP_REPLICATION option when you restored a published database to a different instance or to the same instance but with a different database name.
3. You are trying to back up or truncate the transaction log of a database that has unreplicated transactions, but the database is no longer marked as enabled for transactional replication.
4. You are trying to restore a SQL Server 7.0 transactional published database to SQL Server 2000. The restore process will automatically try to remove all replication from the database during the restore process. At the end of the replication cleanup, if the original SQL Server 7.0 database was enabled for transactional replication (defined in this case as if sysarticles and systranschemas exist), the restore calls sp
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: SQL Server Version: 2000.80.760.0 Event Source: MSSQLServer Event ID: 18757

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