Event ID - 18752

Event Id18752
DescriptionAnother log reader is replicating the database.
Event Information"According To Microsoft:"
More than one current connection is trying to execute any of the following: sp_repldone, sp_replcmds, or sp_replshowcmds. sp_repldone and sp_replcmds are stored procedures used by the Log Reader Agent to find and update information about the last replicated transactions in a published database. sp_replshowcmds is used to troubleshoot certain types of issues with transactional replication.

1. If two log reader agents are trying to run against the same published database, the second one to start will have the above error in the agent history.
2. If the Log Reader Agent for a published database is started and a manual sp_repldone, sp_replcmds, or sp_replshowcmds is executed against the same database, you will see the above error returned to the program where the manual stored procedure was executed.
3. If no Log Reader Agent is running for the published database and you manually execute sp_repldone, sp_replcmds, or sp_replshowcmds and do not close the connection and then the log reader agent for the same published database is started, the agent will report the above error in the agent history.
4. Note that in a situation where it appears there are multiple agents, one of them may be the result of some sort of orphaned process that doesnt show up as an extra job or agent in Enterprise Manager.

The following steps can help you to troubleshoot the problem. If any step allows the Log Reader Agent to start without errors, there is no need to complete the remaining steps.
1. Check the history of the Log Reader agent for any other errors that could be contributing to this error.
2. Check the output of sp_who2 for SPIDs which are connected to the published database. Close any connections which may have run sp_repldone or sp_replshowcmds.
3. Restart the Log Reader Agent.
4. Restart the SQL Server Agent service (bring it offline or online in a cluster) on the distributor. If
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: SQL Server Version: 2000.80.760.0 Event Source: MSSQLServer Event ID: 18752

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