Event ID - 18483

Event Id18483
DescriptionCould not connect to server %ls because %ls is not defined as a remote login at the server.
Event Information"According To Microsoft:"
Setting up security for executing remote procedure calls (RPC) against a remote server involves setting up login mappings in the remote server and possibly in the local server running an instance of Microsoft SQL Server. The mapping is specific to a given server\instance name, usually the NetBIOS name for a default instance and the NetBIOS name plus the instance name for a named instance. If the login mapping does not exist or if the name of the server specified in the connection string does not match the exact name in the sysremotelogins table, and the guest account does not have a mapping in sysremotelogins, you will receive this error. You will also see this error if the remote user is found to have a null or empty login name.
Special Considerations for Replication:
Replication uses remote server definitions to connect to the Distributor, Publisher, and Subscriber. At the time you enable and configure replication, you implicitly create remote servers and add login mappings for those remote SQL Server instances. Replication connection strings will always specify the NetBios name for a default instance and the NetBIOS name plus the instance name for a named instance. Therefore replication will not find or use remote server names that were defined for IP addresses or for fully qualified domain names. When the replication connection attempt cannot find the NetBIOS name in sysremotelogins, you will receive the above error.

Microsoft SQL Server replication is supported when the servers involved are registered by NetBIOS (network) name, but not when the servers involved are registered by IP address or fully qualified domain name.
Note Support for remote servers is provided for backward compatibility only. New applications that must execute stored procedures against remote instances of SQL Server should use linked servers instead.

If any of the servers involved in the quer
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: SQL Server Version: 2000.80.760.0 Event Source: MSSQLServer Event ID: 18483

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