Event ID - 18452

Event Id18452
DescriptionLogin failed for user %ls. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.
Event InformationIf the user listed in the message is a SQL account name, this message generally indicates that this SQL Server instance is configured to only accept Windows-authenticated connections (Windows Authentication mode), but the connection attempt was made with a SQL Server-authenticated login.
If the user listed in the message is NULL, there was a problem with the Windows Authentication passed to SQL Server. The problem could be due to many factors, including incorrect name resolution, an out of sync domain controller, no available domain controllers, SSPI problems, or policies or permissions settings that prohibit connections.

If the error occurs when one computer is attempting to delegate Windows-authenticated permissions to another server, this error may indicate that the Windows delegation, often called a double-hop, is not properly configured within the domain. A common example of a double-hop is a linked server query where the client connects to an instance of SQL Server, and that instance tries to delegate the Windows permissions to an instance of SQL Server on another computer.
Reference LinksResolution Of Event Id: 18452 Event Source: MSSQLServer

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