Event ID - 18267

Event Id18267
DescriptionDatabase restored: Database: %1, creation date(time): %2(%3), first LSN: %4, last LSN: %5, number of dump devices: %7!d!, device information: (%8).
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft

This informational message indicates that a full database restore has completed successfully. This message is written to the application event log and the SQL Server error log every time a backup finishes.
1.If the message is filling up your application Event Viewer logs, you can change properties of the log by setting the "Maximum log size" or choosing a different option under "When maximum log size is reached."
2.If the message is causing your SQL Server error log to grow too large, you can execute the sp_cycle_errorlog stored procedure to create a new log. To increase the number of SQL Server error logs retained, follow the steps in Knowledge Base article 196909.
3.You can enable the trace flag 3226. This trace flag will prevent all informational BACKUP and RESTORE messages from being written to the SQL Server error log and the NT application event log. Informational BACKUP and RESTORE messages include 18264, 18265, 18266, 18267, 18268, 18269, 18270, 18271, 18276, and 18277. Be aware that alerts for BACKUP and RESTORE informational messages will no longer fire, since they rely on an entry in the NT application event log. See "Using Startup Options" in Books Online for detailed instructions on enabling a trace flag with the -T startup option.
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