Event ID - 172

Event Id172
DescriptionMSExchangeIS ((pid) ) The database engine is initiating index cleanup of database <DATABASE.EDB> as a result of an NT version upgrade from <version> to <version>.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:

When the service pack level for Windows NT changes, Exchange Server rebuilds its database indexes as a precaution against incompatibilities with the service pack. This reindexing occurs whether the service pack level is changed upward or downward.
In most cases, the index rebuild is virtually transparent and goes unnoticed. But if the computer name has also been changed along with the service pack level, the above symptoms may appear. The most common case in which this happens is during restoration of an online backup during single mailbox recovery procedures undertaken on a laboratory server.
To have consistent success with Exchange online restores, always target the Exchange restore procedure to a recovery computer running the same Microsoft Windows NT Service Pack as the computer the backup was taken from. For example, if the Exchange 5.5 server you backed up was running Windows NT 4.0 SP5, your recovery server must also run Windows NT 4.0 SP5.
These symptoms may also appear when no service pack revision has occurred, but computer names have changed, if both computers are running Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4.

Please read the entire "Resolution" section before proceeding. The steps to get to the defrag procedure are listed below.
This problem can be resolved by any one of the following three methods:
Performing an offline defragmentation of the database (ESEUTIL /D
Giving the current server the same name as the server from which the backup was originally taken. This may be inconvenient, as two servers with the same name cannot co-exist on the same network.
Following the procedure outlined below:IMPORTANT: Perform the following steps in exact order, omitting none of them. While some steps may seem redundant, each one plays a vital role in successfully reindexing and avoiding the necessity to defragment the database or rename the server.
Reference LinksXADM: Information Store Fails to Start: 4294965882, FFFFFA7A, Event 177, 1081, and Others

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