Event ID - 16

Event Id16
DescriptionThe script started from the URL /<filename>.exe with parameters has not responded within the configured timeout period. The HTTP server is terminating the script.
Event InformationCAUSE :
The virtual directory containing the .exe file has the Execute application permission enabled. This causes IIS to attempt to run the .exe files in that virtual directory for the browser instead of downloading them. 
To work around this problem, change the virtual directory application permission to None or Script. To do this, perform the following steps: 

In Internet Service Manager (ISM), view the Properties page for the appropriate virtual directory in the Web site. 
On the Directory, Home Directory, or Virtual Directory tab, under Permissions, select either None or Script.
Reference Links Browser Stops Responding When .Exe File Attempts to Run Instead of Download

Users receive an "Event ID 16" in the application log files of the OfficeScan Corporate Edition (OSCE) 6.5 server

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